05 September 2008

Miaoli mountainspot with the New Hampshireman and Mrs. My Several Several Worlds, etc.

Song Currently playing in my iTunes library: Graham Parson's "Streets of Baltimore"

Whew! It has been ages, wretched ages, since I last blogged! Since it has been so long, it is really hard to start, or know where to begin, to begin at all. One becomes afraid of saying too much, not being superficial. Even these two dangers have vast layers of implications, including the image of give of myself, or of others, etc, in the real world.

Anyway, before I get into serious blogging mode (which I will leave to another post), I will do some photo blogging, with some long-overdue pictures from activities in which I took part over the past four months. This post features pictures from a trip Sharon and I took to a barbecue organized by my fellow foreigner, MJ Klein, a.k.a. Michael. I was actually directly invited Carrie Marshall another blogger. Both of them put up fantastic pictures of the event, which you can access but clicking the links on their names above.

Sharon, Toby, and I started from this bridge in Miaoli City. I am cheating a bit: this photo is actually from one or two months before we went to the event.

At first, we had a problem finding the place, but MJ's wife, Hui-chen and everyone's Taiwanese host, and member of the family that owns the cabin, Becky (whom you can see in Carrie's post) came in their car and showed us the road to go in order to get up their.

As you can see, the mountainside was beautiful. Taiwan is incredibly hot, and that day was no exception. However, the trees, the plentiful nature, and the smart design of the house made us all feel cool. Not to mention the virtually pollution free surroundings, away from the city. If only we lived in a place like that. I am happy that Becky and their family do, however, otherwise we would never have had an opportunity to go up their and party with all and sundry.

Above is a picture of Patrick Cowsill and MJ's wife, Hui-chen. Patrick is a really nice fellow, whom I hope to see again soon, if I am lucky.

What you see is mist, not smog. Ah, I don't want to leave!

Everyone is congregated for food and beer and conversation. Who wouldn't be greedy for this?
If it wasn't Carrie, or Hui-chen, or I, snapping pictures, it was MJ.

The side and back of the cabin.
Carrie prompts MJ and Toby for a modelling session.
The food is delicious and we all take turns at the barbecue, at the conversation table, or like me, at photographing the goings-on.

The architecture of the cabin is impeccable.

Later on, we sing some KTV/karaoke songs. After that MJ performs a concert of mostly oldies (Queen, The Who, etc.). A heck of a lot of fun was had by all! 

I will be updating this post tonight or tomorrow and be putting in more captions.


Bryan said...

Pictures from Taiwan, I suppose? It is good to see you are back to blogging for now!

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier, but there seemed to be some trouble with a Live Journal name. Oh well, I just wanted to say it looked like you had a good time. I also wanted to know if Becky lives there or whether her family uses that house as a retreat, and if she does live there, what does she do for a living? If I'm going to be staying in Taiwan for a while, that's the kind of living arrangement I'd like to have!


Thoth Harris said...

Hey, Bryan, thanks! Maybe you and I should meet up next time you come to Taiwan.
Kaminoge, it isn't Becky who owns the place, but her father. The price of such a place is far beyond your or my financial means.
Now one of those broken up wooden cabins at the top of Fengyuan mountains above Zhongzheng Park might be a different matter, I get the feeling those are super cheap. You and Pam should check those out! Becky's father, I think, built the cabin, or at least bought it new.

gladbutterfly said...

That is a beautiful "cabin" alright, a bit of a misnomer for such a gorgeous setup. I can understand how hard it would be to leave. I'm happy that you had a good time in unpolluted air.

KingTubby said...

Streets of Baltimore by GP. Memory lane stuff. Hope the moths haven't eaten my Nudie suite. Incidentally, there is a pretty reasonable bio on GP using the interview method (family, friends, fellow musos).
Thanks for the link right. I should have finished that post but went with the power on the event which was Custer. To be honest, on both my blogs I end up posting about music and sort of feel guilty about it.

Cheers. V nice house.

KingTubby said...

Blogger comment button - Scowl. Streets of Baltimore by GP. Memory lane stuff, but I think the moths have destroyed my Nudie suit. Incidentally, there is a pretty good bio on the lost boy Graham. Thanks for the link. Should have finished it but Custer provided the best forum. Somehow, on both my blogs I keep lapsing into music posts and sort of feel guilty about it.
Your house would suit the Band if ever a reunion was possible. Finally, I had a Who dvd gross out last night. Live at Isle of White. Best of the lot. Cheers

KingTubby said...

Re: Your blog roll. Film Studies for Free and the section on Japanese cinema. What a find, since I tried my hand at a Mizoguchi review on my google site Garage Land April 2011.