29 March 2009

Lombroso Types Unite, for You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Gene Splicers!

Five Various Slices:

1. The Zone: In The Zone, we have a Code. Where the drool lands, there one must check his/her fortune. Gerbils might be good as pets, but not as pens. The atmosphere is going out of control: sometimes we evaporate ourselves to resuscitate the environment for a couple of years. Then we solidify for a couple of years, and so it goes... People say that in this year, 2929, we have good reason to suspect that we all humans are descended from Joseph Fritzl and his children. Personally, I think that's a load of you-know-what, but then I am an adherent of intelligent design. God made us yesterday. When we look up, we see down!

2. The Success Industry - I guarantee it! - is Focus Pyramids. People pay Us (my Company) to start a focus group to engage people to start other focus groups.
The real problem is, is, is, is...uh, eh, um, is, um, eh, hmm, I'm just feeling very unfocussed now.

3. A real Lombroso type he is. He misses all the connections, all the stops, all the configurations, and all the garbage days. When he flushes the toilet, the toilet runs out of the place, screaming. I can tell you it's true. I was there! Arch-criminal, bum, no-account accountant, and C.E.O. Psychopath extraordinaire, he has built the fifty-trillion dollar economy around him with smoke and mirrors. Actually, the smoke is just my invention, or his, or mine. Or maybe I'm him. Or maybe he's me. See, the thing is, he is just that good!

4. That's teak! Knowledge is dangerous. Have another slice of steak.

5. Groupthink is for hunks. Groupthunk. Groupstunk. Groupskunk. I am the monk who punks.

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