27 March 2009

Well, I will be packing up and heading off soon - in May, most likely - for Hsinchu! (See below for a sample of that fine city).

It is looking very, very difficult these days. English teachers will have just as much or more difficulty finding a job than anyone else. At least I have experience, and I am not somebody with merely a TESL certificate. I have a Bachelor's (technically a B.F.A., or Bachelor's of Fine Arts). Mind you, I see a lot of jobs out there that ask for both, and I wonder, really, what is the value of it. It seems a little phony to me, particularly considering that someone has has experience teaching is a lot more valuable than a greenhorn with a TESL or TEFL. Such certificates are merely one or one-and-a-half month seminars that not so distantly resemble cult-initiation seminars. Chain Schools have similar programs, but are usually merely one day to one week courses that ground a teacher in the particular school's methodology.
Another thing that really bugs me is the overabundance of recruiters. I wish schools would quit being lazy and naive (with no strong offense intended for schools that do that, just a reminder that other ways are better), and would just post ads for jobs themselves. All it takes is 30 or 45 minutes of your time. Not to mention, in addition, that you will save money, as well!

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Kaminoge said...

I agree - recruiters are an annoyance. I once used one to find a job at a kindergarten in Taichung. The school would give my salary each month to the recruiter, who in turn, for some mysterious reason, was always late in paying me. I would frequently complain to the school principal about this, and she would complain to me about the unreliability of recruiters. Which begged the question you asked - why didn't the school just post a job ad itself?