21 August 2011

Plain Daniel

 Memories flood back: plains in Ontario, in Wolfe Island, in Belleville, in Reid. People often think of Ontario as rocky and rugged. There are actually a lot of plains there, too. Just like there are hills in Saskatchewan (not many big ones, mind you, but really, go to Toronto. Most of what I've seen of Toronto is flat, flat, flat, just perfect for easy cycling, I might add. Taiwan doesn't have much in the way of plains. Except. And here is the big EXCEPT...

 The East Coast (Hualien, Ilan, Taitung) has a lot of plains. I should be fair. Some of the West Coast is flat, too. Miaoli City, Jhunan City (the main part), and most of Taichung City (again the main part) are flat. A lot of Miaoli City is very flat. Actually, the central and northern parts are flat. Nanmiao is a different story. Anyway, Ilan is one of the flattest places you'll see in Taiwan. It is a relief to see that after driving or riding in the mountains. It must be tough farming on the steep mountainside.

 I'd be curious about how much saltwater from the ocean mixes with the water in the river, particularly when there isn't very much sloping.

Before crossing this bridge, I noticed there was some big traditional children's festival being held inside a gated area. I suppose it is a festival that happens all year around, although I'm not sure. Most of the big activity in Ilan County seems to take place in Luodong (which has a lot of hot springs, along with Jaoshi). The Monkey Festival is one example of a Luodong festival that they recently held. I know this because Sean, the proprietor of Titty Tea, told me.  
 The flatness allows a lot of strange distortions in one's perspective. I'm speaking subjectively and aesthetically, of course.

Sensing more depth in the layers of clouds is exhilarating, too. Where I live, in Hsinchu, is actually, funnily enough, more hilly and mountainous than Montreal was (Montreal was pretty hilly, as well).

 This is Jaoshi (the bottom picture show the Jaoshi train station).

Rice farming is back-breaking work. Taking pictures of rice farms is ridiculously easy.

If I could lift the ocean up and doff it as I would a hat, I would.  Even a machine seems to have difficulty with this task...

POST OF THE DAY: Kudos to the folks who have the courage to do this. Check out the men and women who cosplay Harry Potter. I myself would feel like a fish out of water if I tried that. But these folks look good cosplaying it right out in Ximending.

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