16 October 2011

Update On What I'm Doing

I just started reading the review copy I have of Troy Parfitt's book, Why China Will Never Rule the World. I aim to write a review of it by next weekend. So far, just a couple of pages into it, I find it engaging.

I am also trying to get back into practicing music. Today I played flute for a few minutes. Tomorrow I hope to practice for at least half an hour, if not more, and maybe try to practice guitar, which is an impossible struggle for me.

A number of other books I am reading include The Age of Wonder, Arthur Koestler's The Act of Creation, H.G. Wells' When the Sleeper Wakes, and David Mitchell's The Thousand Autumn's of Jacob de Zoet. There is an odd correlation between the Koestler, the Mitchell, and the Wells with the intersection of the history of science seen in The Age of Wonder.

Perhaps I will see some odd sort of continuities with Parfitt's book. Sometimes things have a way of organizing themselves like that. Life is like that. The very hazard of life is such a thing, nothing more and nothing less, and yet strangely the very embodiment of a weird accident.

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