04 October 2011

Yesterday was Monday. Sharon and I went to see The Killer Elite. I don't highly recommend the movie, particularly if there's more interesting things playing (I recommend Horrible Bosses or Seediq Bale, although the latter I haven't seen, mostly due to the fact that there are no English subtitles in movies shown here in Hsinchu. Taichung, yes; Taipei, yes, but not Hsinchu. I have always gotten the impression that there are a lot of foreigners in Hsinchu (far more so, percentage wise, it seems, than in Taichung City, so, if you ask me, the theatre managers have their heads on backwards, particularly since there are very good dual subtitled (in both Chinese and English, simultaneously) versions available here. When I lived in Fengyuan, I used to frequently go to the Taichung City theatres to watch films playing there. Surprisingly, two subtitles do not crowd out the visuals. They've gotten quite good at make subtitles unobtrusive yet clear.
More details to come on what I think of Killer Elite. Although, to start with, the movie is not really a remake of Sam Peckinpah's as the title purports to be(perhaps somewhat fraudulently).

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