08 May 2012

Post-Midnight Ponderings

Feeling my mortality ebb and flow recently. It's the prospect of missing things, missing the right opportunity, of having burned a bridge somewhere back, yet never knowing if I could have stopped myself...
Does travel does this to you? It has, to a certain extent, done it to me. I would not say it is a state which results exclusively from travel, from emigrating away from one's own home country, or home city, for that matter. I used to feel a great deal of disruption when I lived in Montreal. After all, I came from Vancouver. Perhaps the less you fit it, the more the place takes you over. The more shattered and...identity split becomes inevitable. And no, nothing about any psychotic breakdowns (oh, sometimes that would seem a relief from the loneliness and worry about the future that I feel). No solid escapism for me, except from our domesticated Persian cats, Snowball and Icecream.

Japan has a lot of cat cafes like this one (called Cat Rain Cafe) in Danshui.

There is one in Hsinchu, and I suspect they are going to become gradually more and more popular in Taiwan. Cats take some getting used to for some people, especially, for, it seems, the Taiwanese, who prefer more demonstrative and straightforward animals.

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