About My Name, Thoth

"According to this myth ['Thoth as the Deputy of Re'] Re orders Thoth to be summoned before him. When he appears Re tells him that he is to be Re's deputy and give light in the underworld, while Re shines in his proper place in the heavens. Re says, 'Behold ye, I am here in the sky in my proper place. Inasmuch as I shall act so that the light may shine in the Underworld and the Island of Baba, thou shalt be scribe there and keep in order those who are in them, those who may perform deeds of rebellion against me, the followers of this dissatisfied being. Thou shalt be in my place, a Place-taker. Thus thou shalt be called Thoth, the place-taker of Re.'
"This is an aetiological myth intended to explain why the moon gives light at night. The darkness is the abode of the enemies of Re and of the underworld demons. In the myth Thoth is constituted a moon god as the deputy of Re. In the pre-dynastic period Thoth was the god of the ibis nome and the same myth goes on to explain, by the kind of pun to which the Egyptians were much addicted, how the ibis came to be the symbol of Thoth"

- as recounted in S.H. Hooke's Middle Eastern Mythology: From the Assyrians to the Hebrews

By the way, Thoth is my real name, at least in the sense of the name having been given to me by my parents at birth.

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